Staff Application

Camp Dates:
Youth Camp: July 24th - 28th
Children's Camp: July 29th - August 1st
(please see Youth/Children's Camp Info for more details)

We are glad that you have taken time out of your schedules to join us.
Camp Leaders/Staff are not required to pay a registration fee.

In order to keep our camp safe and well supervised, we require that each sponsoring church
provide ONE cabin leader for every FIVE campers attending camp this year

Please email, mail, or fax a copy of your insurance card.

First Time Staff will also need to print, fill-out, and scan/e-mail/fax this "First Time Staff" Application.

All Staff will need to have a Background Check done every 3 years. Please submit your background check for a nominal fee of $5.95.

If you prefer, you can print, fill out, and e-mail/fax/mail in your Staff Application.


Youth: July 24th-28th (completed 7th-12th grade)
Children: July 29th-Aug 1st (completed 2nd-6th grade)
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